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Tips & Tricks

Note -During the summer months, we're focusing on Instagram & Facebook postings. During the fall we'll reacitvate this page  - and we always welcome contributions of your tips & tricks! !


365 Clean-up!

Notice any trash as you explore the island? We recommend carrying a bag with you and help with our ongoing clean-up efforts. 

Before you come
Bring Less!

Cuttyhunk has great water. Please leave your single use plastic at home! Bring a refillable water bottle with you! CCAN will have reusable water bottles available to borrow while on island or buy for $5 donation to CCAN.

Please remove and recycle excess packaging at home! Anything disposed of or recycled on Cuttyhunk has to be taken by barge to the mainland, costs more and uses more energy than on the mainland.

Buy Local! The Cuttyhunk Market, Gas Dock, Cuttyhunk Shellfish, Cuttyhunk Cafe and Lobster Shack, Gosnold Grill, John Adams Lobsters, Lobsters on the lawn, Sopranos Pizza, Bonnie’s Ice Cream, Back Door Burritos, Cuttyhunk Picnic Co., Cuttyhunk Fishing Club, Cluck and Trowel’s farm shares and the Corner Store will all be around this summer. Buy local, use less energy and support local businesses!

While you’re here
Use Less!

Cuttyhunk has a solar farm but must burn diesel when demand is high in the summer. Do your part and shut off fans, appliances and lights when not needed.

Cuttyhunk’s fabulous water comes from an underground aquifer. It is not limitless! Please do your part and do not waste water!

Walking is fun! Encourage your kids (and set a good example) to walk. They will enjoy the smells, sounds and sights of nature and Cuttyhunk. You might even have a memorable and enjoyable conversation! Discover the roadside painted rocks and fairy houses that are only visible on foot!

Sorry to see you go
Leave Less!

Please ask some of the friends/neighbors that you met during your stay if they can use any leftover items before you go. Non perishable items can be left at the swap table next to the kitchen waste composting drop-off at Four Corners. Have leftover bread or rice that you don’t want? Bring to Four Corners for Paula’s chickens! Pretty colored glass bottle? Leave at Four Corners to begin its next life as sea glass!

If you brought supplies over in totes, please consider bringing leftovers/trash back to the mainland with you. You’re paying freight on the totes anyway! Consider filling them with
leftover supplies to be used or disposed of on the mainland.

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