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Why Bother?


We're the first to admit that our efforts might seem insignificant in the fact of the global threat sea level rise and warming present.  We're a grain of sand on a vast beach, but we believe our actions, best practices and leadership can inspire our friends and neighbor on the Mainland,

Let's all pitch in to limit global warming to to less than 1.5º C this century, limiting sea level rise in thee process.

(And improve the quality of life for year-rounders, day visitors, and summer residents!)


Is Gosnold an island?

Actually, no. The Town of Gosnold is spread over the 13 named Elizabeth Islands and is part of Duke's County that includes the much larger Martha's Vineyard. The overwhelming majority of Gosnold residents and visitors are on Cuttyhunk Island.


Is SEa LEVEL RIse related to Global warming?

Alas, yes. Below is a link to an informative NASA website which states, in brief:  “Global sea levels are rising as a result of human-caused global warming, with recent rates being unprecedented over the past 2,500-plus years.”

Note: Additional items in the days and weeks ahead

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