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 advisory group

WE are delighted to announce the launch of our advisory group and its inaugural members Alexis Greco and J D Whitman. We periodically consult with them on our efforts; we deeply appreciated the generosity of their time and expertise.

In the near future, we hope to add additional members to our group.  

[Drafted February 2023]


Alexis Greco is an MBA student at the University of Texas Austin. and a climate-focused product manager. 

During her graduate studies, she has interned at Amazon Devices as a Product Manager, gained exposure to the entire impact investing lifecycle through Turner MIINT. He is also a Co-Chair of the 2023 Climate CAP: The Global MBA Summit on Climate, Capital, and Business, attended by MBA programs around the world. 

She is  particularly passionate about the circular economy with professional and academic experience in eCommerce, packaging, waste management, and food waste, including impact investing experience and internships at TerraCycle and Zabble, a zero-waste platform for commercial buildings.”

Prior to her graduate studies, she developed digital voter guides used by twenty million voters, oversaw tech implementation for the largest US Senate voter outreach effort in the country, and scaled fundraising teams to raise over fifty million dollars. 


Alexis has enjoyed time on Cuttyhunk and looks forward to visits in the near future.


J D Whitman is  an installation artist, educator, and ocean advocate, She  produces work that positively educates viewers on anthropogenic threats to the ocean, marine ecosystems, and global biodiversity. Conducting research globally, she investigates how art, scientific inquiry, technology, and public engagement to promote positive climate and ecological initiatives in environmental education, facilitate effective science communication, drive collective action, and influence policy. 

In collaboration with environmental industry specialists worldwide, she builds interactive installations constructed from recycled material that bring the ocean to viewers activated through innovative media techniques that engage young and adult audiences through immersive, visual storytelling.


She directs the Global Youth Mentor Program at Plastic Tides, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and catalyzing action towards a plastic-free future through adventure, education, and youth empowerment. 


J D received her  MFA in Photography and MFA in Sculpture with honors from the University of Iowa in 2019. She is pursuing a PhD in Studio Art at the  University of Galway Burren College of Art in  Ballyvaughan,
Co. Clare, Ireland.

[draft revised October 2023]



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